Hi, I'm Mouse. I draw lots of things. I'll be posting my original work here, as well as some fanarts. I love Persona 3 and Dark Cloud. So you'll probably seeing quite a bit of that.

I also post designs from time to time. Let's be friends!

Here’s a warm up sketch I decided I wanted to do. I really envy the pretty dark ladies in my life for how gorgeous their skin is and I really wanted to paint. I also felt kind of inspired after I was browsing Pinterest to draw a girl with a flower crown. So… here’s a mix of what I like. That always happens. I want to draw roses but I also want to draw fashion? I just… draw both. I want to draw a pretty dark lady because I can’t handle how gorgeous they are? But I want to draw a flower crown? I just draw both.

Life. And my choices. I just don’t make them. I just do it all. Haha. I got lazy when I got to the crown, though. I’ll do better next time. Onto commissions!


P.S. I like it a little warmer, I realize.